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West Stadium Center (WSC) On-line Donations – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contribute to the WSC?
Because we need the entire K-State Family to come together and be a part of the future of Bill Snyder Family Stadium to make this dream a reality. The new WSC will have a positive impact on the game-day experience for every fan in Bill Snyder Family Stadium.
Do gifts to the WSC qualify me for Ahearn Fund Priority Points?
Yes. Capital gifts to the WSC project qualify for a full 3 points per $100 towards your Ahearn Fund Priority Points total.
Do gifts to the WSC impact my Ahearn Fund Membership Level?
To maintain consistency and encourage annual gifts to the Ahearn Fund, capital gifts do not count toward Ahearn Fund annual membership levels.
Can I make a pledge towards this project and spread my contribution over a period of months or years?
Yes. This web site is intended for one-time gifts to the WSC. If you would like to make a pledge and set up a payment schedule, please check the option to have a representative of the Ahearn Fund staff contact you.
Are gifts to the WSC tax deductible?
Yes. Because donations to capital projects like the WSC do not result in tangible benefits like priority seating or parking, we estimate that these gifts may be 100% tax deductible. As always, please consult your tax advisor prior to taking any tax deduction.
Do gifts to the WSC count for my Priority Seating contribution?
To maintain consistency capital gifts to the WSC do not count for Priority Seating contributions.